August 15th, again

August 15th, again

a day where the light never arrived, just a variety of grey tones

So we get by. We get through. We have hopes and dreams and strive for better – and then you have times where you see that the challenges have been real and truly obstacles along the way. You see that the system is fine with how things are. You see – with renewed hindsight-ac-ular enhanced predictive powers that yes, perhaps a whole shit ton of money would possibly make the road we’re on – that others we care about are on – a tad easier.

with some ‘art’ and a sunny day I’ve got this – durhamtown solid. c. Jun ’20, durhamtown

and then you succeed in making some really good french fries in the fancy toaster oven and realize the sad, wet, limp fries you did in the oven lo those years (decades?) ago were a fully embraced signpost stating “DANGER AHEAD – YOU CAN’T DO THIS – DON’T EVEN TRY” – and you shake your head wondering why oh why do you listen to yourself, and then plot how to make tasty ketchup for the near future when you try the fries thing again.

A lesson here, I’m sure. I’ll file it in the ‘stop filing things – all the past is but serious weight you no longer have the time or energy or mental capacity to deal with – let it go, Elsa, let it go’ pile and think of ways to attempt to deal with it all. today – poking decent pics I’ve recently taken in an ‘artistic’ way and feeling good about it. Oh – and listening to the keXp archive to get up to date with their new schedules and my week away at the lake. funny how stopping the head-long charge into the future will disrupt your routine.

//Neko Case singing “I Wish I Was the Moon” is just wow – super enjoyable//

How the hell are you? You holding up alright? It’s been … wow – so fucking hard for me and mine. I ‘see’ how others have managed and it’s crazy – some very impressive things, and all along the ‘hey – be kind, you’re doing great – keep it up. these are not normal times’. Yeah – but 4+ months into this shit you’d think I’d … or someone … have figured it out. Perhaps in a different timeline we’ve got this handled.

//”Now so much I know that things just don’t grow / If you don’t blessed them with your patience” from First Aid Kit’s “Emmylou”//

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//12:13p+15Aug2020= Saturday morn || the quiet before the dog barks and the kiddo wakes and we all scream for their to be quiet// ok, let’s add Billy Bragg and Wilco singing “At My Window Sad and Lonely” from John’s keXp show from 6Aug20 – actually his opening set pretty damn good//

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