July 19th, again

July 19th, again

some different views in this one

An eventful day at the Hobbit House – we have a visitor once more, who brought loving kindness for the boy – and boy was he happy. These are trying times, and I’m glad some things still work exactly as they should. A child will have joy for a gift, and will hug in return to show their love.

also he thinks my beard is scratchy. or fuzzy. or tickles him. or he tries to tickle me in my beard. it’s all entropic stew of chaos, wouldn’t you agree?

Ok – very short, maybe sweet. If you look to the skies at night perhaps you’ll see a notice that we are not the only significant things in the universe. and if you happen to blink while starring into the heavens then good soul Mark wrote for us all an entry on how there is wisdom to be found in the simple act of noticing the moment when you blink; that you do a number of things auto-magically – heartbeat, breathe, blink – and in those mundane details you will find perhaps hope, perhaps respite. Of concern for him was if the blink is the interruption to the brilliant life, or if the clouds dancing in the sky is the interruption to the dark. His words urge me to ponder wisdom. I think that’s a good thing.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//11:42p+19July2020= Sunday eve || The Beatles “Dear Prudence” is played on kExp’s The Morning Show, by good soul John Richards, as part of his celebration of changes to his life – good on ya sir!//

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