July Second, again

July Second, again

the skies are often fabulous

Hello once more. I’m uncertain of the goal of this exercise – shouldn’t I be poking words over at Camp NaNoWriMo instead of here at a blog? Don’t I have photos to create for #52Frames? I’m behind on my podcasts and let’s assume everyone knows I need a different job; hell, I’d really like a career, or a vocation even. But none of those things – I stick with what’s within reach of my finger tips.

//7:10pm+2July2020=Thursday evening | louder fans, after enjoying CGP Grey’s directors commentary (hello Patreon!)//

I believe I mentioned good sir Mark last night – of course today I realized I had read today’s essay, so I read yesterday’s essay to find balance. From yesterdays goal of seeing where you are at the moment, I added thoughts on being authentic to which the potential reward could be the opening of joy. Joy – I like that word.

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