even in March Blood has the ability to help

even in March Blood has the ability to help

a cuppa from a coppa

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Hello once more. Just spent a few days a) changing the design of the site (who am I kidding, I picked a new ‘theme’) and b) adding ‘featured images’ for each post. That was both fun and a bit challenging. What picture represents ‘first you must crawl…’ – ’cause I have a few pics on my hard drive to choose from. Hope I did a good choice!

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We chatted. Well, I bitched, she listened. she loved. she shared this –
via FB – Will Stenberg / March 3 at 2:09 PM:
“Yesterday I was walking and I came upon a little honeybee in the middle of the sidewalk, alive but not moving. It’s always sad and also ominous to see a bee like that, so I went to a nearby bush and grabbed a leaf and bent down and she just moseyed right onto it.

I figured she was dying, or else why hang out in the middle of sidewalk instead of flying away, but maybe it would be nicer to die on something green and growing than on gross ugly concrete where she was likely to get stomped anyway.

So I walked over to the bush to place her on it, but as I was about to, she flew away.

Sometimes you just need a little boost and you can do the rest yourself.”

Ya see, Blood pays attention to wonderful things, and because of that she’s able to share wonderful things. I truly appreciate that about her.
10:06a / wed / 6 mar 2019 / kexp – “PINS – serve the rich”

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