early in the morning pondering what being a parent means, oddly in October

early in the morning pondering what being a parent means, oddly in October

hope you enjoy the cacophony from time to time ma., c oct 19, hobbit house

I don’t remember her last words to me. Or to anyone, I guess.

I recall fumbled phone calls and the really shitty timing for Blood to step across the street.

I recall the amazing kindness and … emotion of a bar down the street, and the feeling of being gutted the next day. and the next. ad nauseum.

I can look and see – I know / recall taking pictures of my face – what did I look like.

but, that’s me, Eleanor’s son.


an oldie, I know. but I like it. circa erm ??? whitestown way

I miss you ma.

Don’t think of you as often, but you’re always there, my stable base, my excellent foundation. Boy howdy do I get to ponder how I became who I am vs. the enormous number of folk who weren’t raised as well as I was. Of course you get the most of the credit.

I do have some question re: alt interpretations of who “Scott was” – sadly, not for this timeline, eh?

This timeline is now different.

Oh I get it now, so much more than I ever did. c oct ’19, hobbit house

there were moments in the past – a certain motorcycle ride by my then girl-friend Pam which, at least as I tell the story, had me calling you and apologizing profusely for what I must have put you through.

but nowadays, well, the fears and amazement and realization at what you managed to pull off. Just wow.

Boo holds the mantel of ‘mom’ at least in my current life – she’s doing a great job.

He’s a great kid.

I hope – oh how I hope – he becomes a man whom you’d be proud to be family too. strange feels, strange times, and anniversaries of momentous falling.

Thanks – once more and evermore – for all you gave to me ma. Certainly gives me a fighting chance most days.

Her joy was shared easily, often. c Jun ’03?, Wendy & Mike’s place … cold brook?

tell your loved ones that you love them


hey – I love you. even if we’ve not spoken in too long.


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“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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  1. Good morning there, blood. I see you, I am (way over) here!

    I’m listening now..:a slowly building skill, eh? Thx for the post, it’s lovely in every way. How can it only/already be 11 years hence?!!

    Love you


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