with the kiddo napping I breathe, ponder, oddly in October

with the kiddo napping I breathe, ponder, oddly in October

of crazy fun good times – yay!

Well, this pic covers a number of things, doesn’t it? “snack-sized smoked meat stick”, Google Fi, From idea to magical meow mix – because who doesn’t need to hear ‘Three Little Birds’ by good sir Bob Marley? Thanks blood – you’re always keeping your heart intune with me and mine.

It’s saturday. I’m not in the death throws, feeling definitely above 95% healed. Had a good outing in the side yard this morning with the wee lad – yay us!

if we build it he will climb! – c. oct 2019 hobbit house

It’s been a pretty tough/shitty past 4 weeks. sick, coughing, un-motivated, a tad shocked by the high 90s in the beginning of October, a house that needs all the help and motivation we just don’t have. Ugh. But today – the clouds came, the temps didn’t pass into the high 70s, boo and the kiddo and I made it out and survived!! yay us!! also it should be noted that Boo rocks. She finds and gets the coolest stuff from the local parent groups on social. so now the kid has a proper thing to clamber over which is good for all involved! yay us! yay Boo!!

we can all be heroes


So a few words, a picture or three. It’s like I’m getting back to sharing or telling my stories. Or hell, living my stories. It’s all so very very very much more intense – the on is super on, leading to not being on equallying essentially being on life-support – sure, another season of Blacklist – it’s kinda … mindless. Fun. Fun? meh … while everything piles up around us. sigh.

So we fight to get back to feeling decent enough, I have hopes that I can change my course due to what I’m dealing with and never wanting to have this happen again. Wish me luck, eh?

Be good to each other, alright?


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

//8:49p+5Oct2019= Sat eve||…All The Go Inbetweens by Silversun Pickups good sir John spun, back on Friday morn//


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