mis-taken creativity, oddly in may

mis-taken creativity, oddly in may

doggo luvs PB & fire trucks 🙂

so we try, once more, to go forward by looking backwards. you would think I’d learn by now.

below are thoughts jotted down months ago. probably need to embrace the fact that drafts are ok – that it’s practice, and it isn’t supposed to be perfect.

the issue is … just practice HAS to be ‘good enough’ because otherwise I’ll have nothing to share. quite the pickle, eh?

inside ghouls & outside miracles

this the full moon – 50 years on from ‘going to the Moon’ becoming something we do. I think of my dad, of trips thru dark nights, of boyish fantasies & late 70s broadcast programming – shall we be Buck? or perhaps Appolo? then there was the space garbage scow – Quark I think?

space was full of awesome & fabulousness. or maybe that’s what the boy saw. I wonder what Rumbly will see when he’s 8 years old. guess I’ll have to ask “what’s on your mind, kiddo?’ that and try to be a light in the darkness.


//12:59a+16aug2019=Friday, barely|echoes of the theme of ‘Magnum, P.I.’//

+++from back in May+++

‘What’s on your mind?’ the prompt reads.
A john cleese attributed quote on most effective restriction of creativity is fear of making a mistake.
which, obvs, isn’t an issue with the Wallace clan now is it?!


//1403+13May2019=monday afternoon || the brothers green speak to learning names //

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