Even in January … Bowie is a god

Even in January … Bowie is a god

cool morning sky – durhamtown – 2019

Have you heard of keXp? Awesome little station out of Seattle. Morning DJ – John Richards – does a really good job of making my days more hopeful and generally better. Say, as he starts his show on Tuesday, January 8th, with a track off of Bowie’s last album. //Lazarus – David Bowie – Black Star

I’ve been pondering ‘community’ a bit lately. No, not the awesome tv show. You know – I’m part of the durham community by the fact I’ve lived here 10 years. I’ve recently joined a couple of other communities by declaration – I have a coffee cup saying I’m part of the morning faithful at keXp. Yay me! I also have a valid student ID (erm, yay me?), a reserved spot on a quest at the end of the month (erm, really? what?), and of course a community or two I haven’t said hello to. Soon.

How do we go about making and joining and leaving communities? One aspect I wasn’t prepared for was the dissolution of my core social group. Over the years it’s dwindled and not really sure how to fight that. Funny thing is I’m not even sure how I gathered peeps – I suspect, I believe I’ve heard say, that when young it’s all fresh and new and exciting, and in crossing paths, bumping into new people you’re likely to connect. Add a few years/decades and it’s all old hat, and it’s all a lot of work to get to where you ‘know’ you’re going to end up. Sigh. But the effort probably is worth it. A new year, so a new hopeful outlook.

technicolor sunrise – durhamtown – 201

Ok – good sir John has mentioned I should put some bowie on tonight, 6pm Seattle time. I’ll just … make an alarm… ok – should happen. Yay!

ciao! may you find joy in your day. ::ps::

you know what I don’t have on these posts – the date/time stamp with what I’m listening to. huh. //10:07a+8Jan2019=Tues || keXp JItM Dear Prudence by Siouxsie and the Banshees //


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