The Good and the Bad … even in January

The Good and the Bad … even in January

ripples in the new sky – durhamtown – 2019

So what am I doing?

I ask that often, and hardly ever have a good or relevant answer. I’m failing/flailing. I’m showing up at places I don’t particularly know why I go there. Habit?

I had a chat tonight with a stranger who offered an assessment based on a phone call. It was nice to hear nice things. He noted that I seem to be setting some steps into motion that will hopefully lead to bigger and better steps.

I think I’ll make a blend – even in 2019 + a weekly’sh YT – seems doable, eh?

Oh one idea I had today was along the lines of ‘cool shit that does good stuff’ – was futzing with AIMP mp3 player and got it to turn on as an ‘alarm’ mode then turn off via a sleep function. It’s my goto player app since is has a ‘radio capture’ feature – just have to figure out how to integrate the timer with the recorder.

ok – this is weak sauce and I apologize. things are mozing along and I do have hope in my heart.

I hope you are experiencing joy as often as you’d like to.

ciao! may you find joy in your day. ::ps::

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