snow day

snow day

in this ongoing pursuit of both imperfection and joy I have to say – snow gives me joy!

in this episode I note that I can be taught things. and I think that’s a good thing to recall from time to time. This brilliance comes from watching Forged in Fire with Boo (and fam last night) – I note with a critical eye the oddly amateurish mistakes made by talented folk with years and years of experience. I really shouldn’t but I do judge – if the design brief is for 5-7 inch blade, and you turn in an 8 inch blade … you missed a very important thing!

My inner voice, after such a righteous observation, then echoes ‘well, you know – they went on national tv and competed with others to make something. It may not have been perfect, they just might be practicing in public – but the had a time limit, they had a design challenge, and they finished what the could and stood tall to be judged by experts.

So Wallace – can you identify a time – any time – in your life that you managed to even show up for a competition?

And so I can be taught. I know I enjoy snow. I hope – as I take the effort to make something, something I know could be better but isn’t really great – and put it out – well, I hope I can be taught the joy in that too.

ciao! may you find joy in your day. ::ps::


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