003 Fast clouds

003 Fast clouds


Sure – I can blog – words are not hard for me, and occasionally they’re pretty alright. Nearing ‘decent’ at times. Honest.

This – this! – this is harder though. What am I doing? Creating? Like an artist? Naw … that’s not what I do. Well, except the photographs. Sometimes.

I reviewed the amazing effort Boo put in this past summer – just damn.

I ponder the efforts to work harder, and to enjoy the pursuit. Hell, even looking with four eyes I see both what I’d like to obtain – comfort, assurance, joy – and see that it’s a bit of the natural and a bit of the hustle that I worry I don’t possess. But it’s a new venture – nothing ventured nothing gained.

And as it was pointed (pointedly) out this past weekend – hey, Rumbly! (did I hear a ‘you fucker’ in there? maybe; probably. I certainly deserved it)

ciao! may you find joy in your day. ::ps::


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