even in August piano covers sound wonderful

even in August piano covers sound wonderful

why oh why won’t the universe give me a sign!!!???? – aug ’18, durhamtown

begin. again.
Hi. How are you doing? Good I hope. You’re looking good – summer treating you well? Yeah – time away from the grind helps a lot.
Me? Oh, you know, the same ol’ same ol’…
For me that means I’m rinsing & repeating the process I’ve dedicated myself to for these past 16 months. Funny how easy it is to focus on another when they are helpless.

Tonight I watched as he used his very own hands to feed himself a baby-safe ‘mac’ n’ cheese’ concoction – Boo thinks there were rice puffs involved.
What I took away from the event was that we both need to have an alternate clothing option lined up while he accomplishes his awesomeness. Perhaps I’ll start looking at ‘All-Hawaian All the Time’ wardrobe choices. He was kinda really happy about feeding himself – he used a spoon, then he used his hands. Oh the smile. Oh the mess.

||”Teardrop” by alexey nosov, guitar cover||

clouds float in, clouds float out – aug ’18, hobbit house

so, why are we here? No, not the big ‘why do we exist?’ – the much more mundane ‘so, blogger, Scott’s words – are you living your best life?’
As good ms. Clare tells us – “Make Good Choices”

I have for as long as I recall believed I shouldn’t burden others.
the above – (where I’m essentially trying not to burden myself?) – perfect example.
Let us discuss pleasantries. Let us discuss something good – or at least as good as it is right now.
That kid, I tell ya.

He deserves a great life. He really does.

clouds float … oh my. oh my. aug ’18, durhamtown

Boo & I currently watch YouTube videos from various “Makers” during our meal time at night. There’s a few we’ve enjoyed for a while – Alec Steele, he makes swords; Laura – she’s German and has a cute pup; Four Eyes – he makes furniture; The SlowMo guys – they break things.

The joy of a connected and “Big Data’d” world is that we get suggestions from The Algorithm – and that can certainly eat into your evening hours. Tonight post-pizza slices we were entertained by a metalworking gent from over Britain way (maybe Scotland?) who was making the DragonSlayer sword from some anime/manga world (as you do, you know) – his personality as presented was wonderfully different than Alec’s, or the pirate-dude metalworker. Two points here – a) always impressed with others who can be honest with themselves and others, and #2 – do I ever get close to that truth? I am just not sure – I believe I do, and I know I don’t (oh whatever is on Scott’s mind I doubt anyone wonders)… suspect it’s a facet of confidence that allows one to just be themselves. Minor concern is that I might not see who I show myself as. Hmmm…

Ok – piano covers are lovely. YouTube will give you a collection of not only Josh’s but all sorts of good and bad, lovely and horrible covers performed by the talented and untalented alike.

Will you do one thing for me? Take care of each other. 

Perhaps if I can organize my thoughts/notes I can put a list of ‘things scott was distracted by this week’ kinda of podcast. ‘Cause if nothing else I can make lists!

Be good to yourself. Be good to others.


//9:27p+20Aug2018=Monday eve || Piano covers by Josh Cohen – Beck “Morning”, Bowie “Space Oddity”//