August in the hinterland

August in the hinterland

the rain was welcomed … however the swelter in durhamtown is not. Aug ’18

Using the Gutenberg editor for WordPress – go me! was talking about technology and the challenge of embracing never-ending change.

  • I like to use the Sangertown Mall example – they paved a swamp, built a mall on it and … tada!! Change was done, finished, complete! sigh
  • Tech is a great place for observationals – Mr. Gray’s friend, on a CB1000 with a tank mounted mobile phone – bummed about the helmet law but he’d figure out selling cell phones in the bay area in 1990 – wonder if he did well?
  • storage – hilarious examples at DTCC for my classes – how big was the microdrive I had on my first digicam? sigh
  • etc etc ad nauseum
when life is a beach, bring friends – Jul ’18 ballardtown
you can rotate an image in WP/Gute, but … not full fledged editing. s’allright, yes? Jul’18 rduTown

This is a verse block - not sure the exact difference
If I were to guess, I see an indent on the right, perhaps even pre-placed divider top and bottom - oh look
it scrolls. Huh.

Well, all I have to do is keep at it, right? Begin again as I’ve been led to understand.