oddly, July is both an ending and a beginning

oddly, July is both an ending and a beginning

clouds float in, clouds float out – my mind is a frenzy pack of rabid sloths pondering life – durhamtown, Jul ’18

So here we are.
Wrapping things up.
Waiting/hoping to start anew once more.

I’ve been pondering the stuttering stops that have occurred in the past. Pondering the successes I’ve enjoyed. Pondering on where to go, where to be, how to get there – “you have to start where you are” the sage advice of good sir Peter, and I believe Blood’s wonderful guide also.

John says – “every parent needs to show their kids the Live Aid performance of Queen as they deliver Bohemian Rhapsody – to truly understand what live music can be”
Can’t really find any fault in that argument

clouds float in … making shadows that flit and sprint and flail as if they were from our souls – Jul ’18 durhamtown

I’m very much amused at myself – the keeper of dates – who’s had the last year and a half become a crater where my well honed process are but a jumble, smashed and littered – under-feet, but my eyes are up and forward. What the hell. At least I see the clouds. the sky.

Had I not been in love with my kid, I might have had more than 15 seconds to ponder ‘an ending’ – what is it that I want to end? what is it that I want to start? Do we even have that kind of control? I think not, good Yorick, I think not. (Yo – Rick! – was that what Bill was trying to say?)

///later in the day, on/about 11pm – home from work to the post office yay shannon was here when I got back the kid is awesome and eats mush the neighbors got a fence/gate put up I made chkn que-sa-dillas for boo and I and hit up amigas for luggage – ‘lug’ – hmmm now I sit listening to Freddie god damn Mercury and think of killer queen and duane and times in the past because looking forward is so god damn hard – not to mention scary how are you?///

I like listening to podcasts – it’s like a conversation with friends, except they don’t know you. The Green brothers have a lovely ‘cast called Dear Hank and John – a podcast of dubious advice and all the news from /brit football club/ AFC Wimbledon and mars. Current episode had a question from megan asking ‘who is Mr. Rogers?‘ – and John offered that he is the reason for all the kindnesses your parents have given you . And I thought -yeah, sounds about right. Their audience may skew ‘young’. – Oh look – I can attempt to embed the episode (though the link above takes you to the start of the answer to the question.

Mr. Rogers. Yeah, we could use more folks like him.
Oh – I had this odd thought (SURPRISE!) about a litmus test for decency in people – I though of two questions – ‘do you donate blood to the Red Cross or other blood banks?’ & ‘do you pick up litter even if it’s not your trash?’ – of course these pop into my mind as I rage impotently against the dying of the light, but alas I think they might have merit.

so this one has been all over the place – and I’m ok with that.
Here’s a picture –

from a time a bit ago when things stopped and started – Apr ’17, Hobbit House

I sometimes can not believe … then my heart explodes – Apr ’17, the center of my univers

I like the advice I’ve offered recently – Take care of one another, ok?
Makes me think of good people, good times, good beginnings and good endings.

Until I write again, perhaps you will stop and start – I hope it goes well.


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//12:34p + 19 July 2018 = Thursday afternoon || keXp’s Johnny Dicks spins “Breaking My Light
Minor Victories”//