oddly in July, days fly by. I try to listen at least.

oddly in July, days fly by. I try to listen at least.

Rumbly ponders blocks in his playroom – Jun ’18, @ Hobbit House

It’s what you do every day.
I guess that’s the best advice, guidance, wisdom I will have to offer the wee Lad.
So I will attempt to make a point with this post.
1) – when your wife speaks of the terror she feels at the potentially horrible turn of events poised to happen, it’s not very settling, nee – perhaps a discourse will happen, with loud and confused voices even.
2) – when your wife picks up a kick-ass new habit perhaps figuring out a way to say “way to kick ass!!!” while still making it feel as there was never a doubt (there wasn’t), that it’s going well (it’s going great, acutally), and still … not make it a shocked, surprised – holy shit look at you!!! kinda thing. Should make notes or something for that, eh?
3) – I need to state that I stand with my friends. I stand for liberty and freedom for all. I stand for love and inclusion. I feel sad that fear of others is the leading impact factor making our world a far far unsafe & dangerous place.
4) – I need to try to re-frame my arguments – I need to boldly state what I am for while denouncing the actions/inactions of others and the perils they are creating. It’s a tightrope I do not walk well along – there tends to be a lot of flailing and shouting and what not.
Think I’ll accomplish these things?
Let’s find out!
clouds float in, clouds float out – my mind is a clear blue sky – Jul ’18, durhamtown

Here is a picture of the sky – there is truth in this picture – the sky is blue, and has clouds at times.

a dash of color, nature in springtime is smiling – Bot. Gardens, Chapel Hill – Jun ’18

Here is a picture of some flowers – there is truth in this picture – given time, sunshine & rain, and a chance to flourish nature has a way to create beautiful things.

when I look I see joy, love, happiness – and yes, of course – Boo made this! Jul ’18, Hobbit House

Here is a picture of some art – there is truth in this picture – we denizens of Earth are capable of expressing ourselves, are capable of learning from others, are capable of working with others to accomplish great things.

expressing on honest opinion – a home on Washington, durhamtown – Jul ’18

Here is a picture of some art – there is truth in this picture – events are taking place that do not make sense to the human heart; also art; also, perhaps only for my truth, clarification that America is not as great a country as our time in history deserves.

“Papa … Papa…”

If you click through you will be able to listen to an audio tape – there is truth in this recording. It marks the moment that my truth, as a father, is vulnerable. I can not do justice to the feelings I have when I even think about what’s on that recording. I’ve had many ups and downs in my few years on this planet – many angry days, many happy days, many wandering nights (81 South through PA for the win!!!) – I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to hold on to the events in my past, that is – my truth. Even worse than my feelings of November 2016 is now. It breaks my heart. It boils my blood. It clarifies who I think I am, who I want to be, who I need to be for my son. As above, I’m attempting to re-frame. It is difficult.

of fabulous-ness created, performed, enjoyed, and remembered fondly I hope – manbites dog sign, durhamtown, Jul ’18

Here is a picture of a sign – there is truth in this sign – a group of people working together can create wonderful things that exist and then disappear, kind of like a magic trick. Upon witnessing either a play or a moment of magic one can find themselves in disbelief, in awe, in surprise and joy. Among other feelings. Hidden away, unseen yet patently clear, effort has been exerted, skill refined, immense amounts of resources lined up for but a moment in our lives to present … thought incarnate. My truth associated with this sign is that I am very lucky. That I am privileged by mere luck. That I cannot possible feel, nor understand completely, paths I have not walked down no matter how much knowledge I may possess. In all honesty, my truth is indebted to those who have performed for me over the years – I can only be here, now, due to those who made thoughts incarnate, no matter that all the bar had was Le Bleu. Perhaps what propels me is the hope and belief in the visions offered ever so briefly by those in the light, propped oh so high by those in the shadows. I hope in your truth you can experience and appreciate such magical moments.

As I titled this – days fly by, they really do. I have hope, this is proof that with effort my hopes can be visualized, can be made real. As Boo is very fond of reminding us – Forward, Not Fetal!

Be kind to yourselves, take care of each other.

with much, much gratitude to those who’ve kept me going for so long. I’ll get around to sharing the goodness, kindness of Ed & Jeff in a post soon – changes recently have caused a moment of pause.

take it easy, Caspar sings. breakfast happens for the guys in the kitchen.
Hali waits so so patiently.
Boo vlogs everyday
/// – earlier attempt to make a consistent effort. See how I fail?