one complete circuit, one completely changed life (mostly)

one complete circuit, one completely changed life (mostly)

give a man a chair and he can captain a family! Dad in his contented natural state – ~2007, Rome, NY

Miss ya dad.
I’ve had quite a year, with Blood noting tonight that she thinks you might have enjoyed meeting the bebe (tiny perfect bebe, as Boo likes to call him) – that’ll be one of the things I’ll be bummed about when I get to share you with my son. At least I’ll have a video of you being stubborn.

This is from 10 years ago, post your summer of heart fixin’ – thus me letting you be up on a ladder, chopping ice, as you do when it’s December in Upstate.

I’ll be able to share the stories, the love, the goodness I know and recall. I’ll try to bring you caring touch to mind as I raise Rumbly, I’ll do my best to repeat the good things you did. Frankly I’m still in the joyful free-fall as we ponder all that there is to ponder with a child.

I was confused and concerned about the feelings I’ve had at your death, your passing. Tempered comparatively, but significant – solid feels of loss, but not the devastating feels of sad. I will ponder that for years I suspect. But having lived with this for 52 weeks I will allow that grief is a highly individualized path, custom crafted for each of us.

love ya,


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