“I will love you again… [11/03/16]

“I will love you again… [11/03/16]

~2009? lightpainting as part of photography education, Morgan @ Cosmic

I will love you, like I used to”
Oh there’s an interesting idea – how oh how did we ‘used’ to love?
{9:20a + 3Nov2016 = Thursday morning || Cubs In Five by the Mountain Goats}

Friday Jun 9th 2017 / 1:10p || keXp, a station that plays the Mountain Goats, which is awesome!!

looking at this I ponder did I want to question/ discuss how we loved in the past? or did I want to question the word ‘used’ – in that, just like banana, looking at the word just makes it look weirder.

John & Co. played live on keXp – I was out on a Doc appt. with Boo & Baby Boy.
Blood caught John & Co. at the Tractor Tavern, shared ‘No Children’ via text, commented on how ironic that song has become as ‘our’ song between Boo and I. Sigh. Kid’s awfully cute.

I hope Rumbly likes the Mountain Goats when he’s old enough to pick his music. But if he’s not, that’s ok. Love of music is what’s the most important.
something something music speaks the language of love something something.