A decade in the life of …

A decade in the life of …

wow … 10 years. I’m still as goofy… sigh – ~1/07, Roxboro, durhamtown

Scott in Durhamtown!

From a cold and snowy homeland visit, a buddy gave me a lift, (did he nap and then run?) and I found myself at the beginning of the ‘next’ chapter/volume in the book of the Life of Scoot.

why hello hobbit house – you look welcoming! – ~1/07, durhamtown

Hobbit House.
All that it means to grow up a bit (a little?) – the hopes and dreams of not fucking it up this time.

everything can fit!! – ~1/07, HH, durhamtown

It’s good to have dreams.

i’m not saying I started to love LA a little bit more when we were about to leave, but … maybe. – ~1/07, LA, SoCal

All sorts of ups and downs in a decade – glad we’ve hung in to make it this far.

How about a splash of photos?

really good buddy and his Buddy – thanks for the lift!! ~1.07, NGP, durhamtown

rrooaarrrrr! says the slow dino ~1/07, NGP, durhamtown

Oops. ~1/07, durhamtown (look for the YouTube channel!)

the real reason dinos went away – too chilly! ~2/07, NGP, durhamtown

Ah, Durhamtown snow – while things are still pretty. ~2/07, NGP, durhamtown

Hello new terminal bones! ~2/05, RDU


//10:15a + 4Jan2017 = Wednesday morn || keXp & JItM play … good tunes (say Michael Kiwanuka
One More Night, for instance) //