Best of luck … offered with sincerity to a child

Best of luck … offered with sincerity to a child

keep looking up – ~Dec 2016 / HH in durhamtown

It’s been a heck of a year, I tell ya.
We’ve seen good and bad, had ups and downs.

We’ve seen Molten Red in the snow, we’ve seen mountain and beach sunsets.

There have been important and momentous occasions this year of our lord, Two Thousand and Sixteen. Really setting a bit of a benchmark.

We’ve said goodbye … to so many, far and near.

I’ve traveled to seattle and new york, hickory and oak island.
Helped friends move.

Made new friends, lost old friends, and been stunned by friends I thought I knew, solidified the new circles I stand in.

Made it to the state fair!

Had a great visit for terrible reasons.
Had fun at work, worked kinda hard.

Saw shooting stars with Boo

continued the loving on keXp

had fun outdoor adventures not often enough, and a few indoor adventures

started new regiments that actually had impact – but sadly, it becomes routine, as opposed to instigating true change.

through the glass lightly – Dec ’16 – R&C’s place, durhamtown

I’m … confused/conflicted as to what to do. sigh.

9:41a + 20Dec2016 = tues morn // Damien Jurado & Richard Swift “Radioactivity” from Other People’s Songs, Volume 1; it’s a Kraftwerk cover!! on KEXP