technology + thursday evenings + countering the effect of caffeine … even steven!

technology + thursday evenings + countering the effect of caffeine … even steven!

Jul ’16 – flowers at a Blues joint

How in the world have I made it to this point in civilization where I can be futzing about with no less than … (MBA, Asus, Acer, Dell Opti, Dell XPS, N6P, PS3, Toshiba, T61P, Gateway, HP tablet PC, HP tablet, iPad, two bluetooth speakers …) a dozen ‘technology objects’, not counting the (glances at the desk in the p.en – 4TB, 2TB, 3TB, 120GB, 16×2, Peter, Nikon, PNY128, Lex16, red and blue 4gb, Linux sticks x2 (thanks Boomer) … oh wait – the micro SD cards – um, 4 of those, 2, 4, 16, 128?) dozen plus ‘technology storage’ devices.

With this much power, how come I’m incredible disorganized?
How can I find the path to where all the new and shiny machines have REPLACED the old busted stuff? Do I need a windows XP machine? Do I?? Really?? GAh …

Though, of note, that machine has a 120GB hard drive; so I attached my spare 1TB external drive and am dragging over 30GB of … stuff.

Saw my pics folders from 2009. Noted that I have AIM installed on that machine.
OneNote also – so there’s that for consistency at least.
That machine is 10 years old, having been a wedding present to myself. Oh how smart I thought I was being. Sigh.

Jun ’00 – two adventurers who were NOT eaten by the pacific ocean!

So tonight’s post is for Terry – the rugged good lookin’ fellow above, left.
T-dog got to see a super secret work center that Disney had up and running in 2000.

’03? – good times, redonodo – the OC!!

It had – wait for it – a 2 terra-byte RAID server – it was for digital animation (Bug’s life? Ants? Something like that…) – sooooo impressive for the turn of the century.

’03 – Terry doing things he wanted to do

T-dog, I hope life is treating you wonderfully, wherever you are. And as for technology, is it wrong that I kinda ache for a mountain cabin? Hmmm…

be good, love your friends and family, listen to good music.


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