Of songs of Love & Hate, of Joy & Destitution … even in February

Of songs of Love & Hate, of Joy & Destitution … even in February

blue sky above, reach for the stars beyond … Feb ’16

Do so love me some KEXP programming. John R. opened with “Book of Love”, and included U2, The Smiths and The Mountain Goats in the first 30 minutes of spinning tunes.

Now if only SOJAD had lasted just 4 hours 🙂

Love. I spoke to that last post, didn’t I?
How if the core goal of being a human is to be able to love, and that love can or even should be unconditionally, what do we do when it’s not the right thing to do?
Hate is an option, and one I’ve been known to choose.

action shot on a crisp winter morn – good thing for the sweater, eh? Feb ’16

Guess we can bark, which Hali chooses to do, and since I’ve been the recipient of her kind and warm love, I think perhaps that’s her way of non-loving, eh?

Hate has a different gravity than love does. When I think of the wonderful love I have for Boo, I’m lifted up, things are lighter to me. Joy fills the space. Even as we hold our hands in unlovable hands, I’m certain that we’re the people who are in the moment.

Where I’m all sorts of pulled down when I’m in the despising mode – my irritations flare and I’m done – DONE I tell you!! – with the shittyness of oh so many of my fellow Earthlings. It’s a grinding weight, one that leaves me sad and unhappy, depresssed and despondant, and if I can just get a hug from the pup well, perhaps I’ll be human enough to earn a hug from Boo. ‘Cause damn I’m not pleased with most of the masses around me.

Why, I wonder? Are my expectations soooo far-fetched? Turn signals, people – they’re useful!
Think I read a good article why road rage is epidemic – the feeling of being trapped. They suggested that you catch and note that ‘hey, you’re getting really upset, and you’re gonna be ok. No real need to go fight/flight on the moron in the stupid SUV who’s attempting to clip your car as you sit completely within your rights in the left turn lane. Fucker. cutting corners. Idiot”

sigh … guess I’ll need some work on that.

work on it. build it strong. no apologies. no explanations. Feb ’16

Love. Hate. Joy. Destitution.
spoke of theater the other day with my amiga, she asked what’s next at Manbites Dog – told her it’s a gripping tale of the post event drama surrounding a shooting in an urban setting.
How I’m pretty sure this show is directly traced to the ‘why aren’t there more theater companies in the triangle presenting black themed shows?’, with the very reasonable response of ‘well, make your own company. put on your own show’

Be the change you want to see in the world. Love.
Now is a great time to act. Hate.
Speak up, let your voice be heard. Joy.

[what happens when the other side speaks just as loud? just as fervently? how to express that they are wrong, you are right, your path the one love would choose?] Destitution.

I do know that music is a force that’s been with me all my congnitive years – from Mom’s AM radio playing music box dancer, to my own AM listening to Disco Duck, through my first Columbia House purchase that included Van Halen, Billy Joel & The Cars, all the way to today when John mixes some great tracks from earlier in my life – Galaxie 500’s Instrumental with a stunning new release from Wussy – My Parade was very enjoyable. I hope that I’ll never stop enjoying hearing new music, new songs that celebrate all the emotions we experience.

Thanks Ma, Thanks John, Thanks Blood.

{1:16p + 12Feb2016 = Friday afternoon || KEXPs theme show – Songs of Love & Hate – thanks John!}