NOw NOw NOw NOw NOw!!! from the Mutts manifesto …

NOw NOw NOw NOw NOw!!! from the Mutts manifesto …

I see a bit of sunshine from here … feb ’16

“A change is gonna come” sings Sam Cook. Ah change – ever coming, always arriving, sometimes not noticed for a variety of reasons.

Do love the Patrick McDonnell’s MUTTS comic, which not only emphatically urged that ‘Now’ is the time to act recently, but today also shared Mandela’s invocation to “use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right” – which ties nicely into the strip’s call from Sophocles that “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; that word is love” … all very warm and good and hopeful.

So let me ask you this – what if you do not heed the call to ‘Love All – Serve All’ as the Hard Rock Cafe urged us? What if you choose to love one over someone else? Haven’t we all done that at this point in our lives? We love someone more than we love others, right?

shy does fire capture our minds so well? … feb ’16

If you combine (pick and then choose!) the Love will heal, Now is the time to act, Doing right is imperative; then leaving to lead a loving life away from a place where it was bad – you did the right thing, right?

Now a year later, I see how things that seemed optimistically hopeful have, sadly, not made it as far along that path as they could have. Certainly frustrating, certainly telling.

love, and the pup who loves to nap, Hali-tron … Feb ’16

John plays heartfelt tunes
Friends continue their struggle – hopefully not in vain. I ponder the goodness of humanity. I listen to heartfelt tunes.

{9:19A + 11fEB2016 = tHURS mORN || jOHN is on a roll … Bruce’s Mansion on the Hill,  Bob’s Girl From the North Country, Leonard’s Bird on a Wire, Cat’s Father and Son, Rodriguez’s Crucify Your Mind, and Bill Withers’ Ain’t No Sunshine … wow}

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so, if the advice is to be in the moment, and to do it now – what if the moment is crap? what if it’s me being stubborn for my unvoiced reasons, what should Boo do?
What if it’s been that way for year? does that mean/imply we’ve chosen ‘this’ – the crappy way?

What if choices are made to change – what if the choice is to let go of the status quo, turn exactly 327 degrees and go THAT way – NOw NOw NOw NOw!!!

’cause when that does happen, and I’ve witnessed it up close and personally for a little bit now (what a difference a year makes, right?) – well, seems that there are forces that stay, and don’t change. Forces that seem to think more of the NO-w part, then the NOW part.

“my friends they won’t know me until I know me til I know myself”

{9:51a + 7Feb2016 = sunday morning || sounds of laundry, random tracks on my google music playlist via a bluetooth speaker int he kitchen (silent night for Everly soundtrack right now)}