Even in February, when it seems like Groundhog day all over again…

Even in February, when it seems like Groundhog day all over again…

oddly a summer day in february, ’16

Oh how it’s all going to go on over and over and over again. Once more.

When my friends get to face the hassle once more, I think of how Boo gets to tell me yet again about my tone. About my un-attainable acceptance of our level of activity. I think that though I’m certain that I’m reasonable in presuming that an outing for a bite to eat with our friends doesn’t take away from the joy of a day spent relaxing with her, it apparently does. And I don’t get it.

Not getting it.
Being in the same space/time, and not getting the meaning of the action, the words, the spoken declarations. What does that mean, where we meet up, exchange our points of view, then go our merry way thinking … different things?

not great, but captures the cottony blanket of clouds this mornin… feb ’16

Boo has a bit of a visual block, as it turns out, which perhaps has led to her actually not seeing things on the periphery of her vision. That means she’s not seeing what I can see. We’re not in the same mental mapped place when we start to discuss how to make the house a better place to be.

Had my ‘hey, visual changes are good for scott, he gets to constantly judge and be validated by the poor driving on American highways!!’ back at the turn of the new year. Of course, the validation fades almost instantly as I think that it’s not hard to drive well; why can’t we all do that?

Why can’t we all do that?
Why can’t we all?

Leaving on a summer day … in feb ’16

Guess that’s the fundamental question, isn’t it? Had a discourse on truth vs. fact with Jeremy the other week – what is what, he wondered. (Along with the nature of man, and if children are inherently capable of lying and being selfish)

It’s a fact that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit under a normal atmosphere. With that fact the truth that winter in the south is hit and miss when it comes to inclement weather.

Facts and truths. Is it a fact that I tend to be bombastic? or is it the truth? If Boo feels that I don’t hear her, will she, like a certain storyline for one William M., continue to speak her mind over and over and over?
I fear she wont – I fear that she’ll choose to stop, and go places without me. As I’m sure she fears I will travel alone.

Are our fears facts, or truths?

Is it true we are always changing, growing, learning. Or is it a fact? Or both?

Hope your day tomorrow is just like and completely different than the one you’ve just had.

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