Occasionally … in January, I say ‘To the beginning we shall commence, to what end we know not’

Occasionally … in January, I say ‘To the beginning we shall commence, to what end we know not’

as the day starts … the moon hides in the tree

My day starts … my week starts … my year starts … dark, but clear, hope overflows into the clear sky above. Rolled to work, parked and turned off the headlights – noticed that and found it odd. OK, but odd.

trees and clouds, winter is in the air

We’ve started this circuit around the glowing warm thing once more, once more into the unknown my friends. Hazard a guess at how we make out this time?

My friends have endured, and I think they’ve become stronger. My innocence has been challenged on a number of fronts – looking at you, legal fun times!! Looking at you my misplaced wallet, vanished phone … ok. NOT looking at those. Sigh.
may we find time to play, paths to follow, ways to overcome the obstacles

Holidays were good – odd experience at times balanced so exquisitely by sheer joy and goodness. Truly a nice way to wrap a tumultuous year. A break from the day to day grind, some cooties keeping my energy focused inward, still got to hang and celebrate with friends and framily, with good food and good fun.

time for celebration

Bike riding. Luminaries in the park. Phone calls with friends and family. Tales of fun road trips and adventures. Facebook posts of loving gatherings, joy filled hope, fascinating places to look and go towards.

durhamtown likes to make the darkness pretty

even in daylight durhamtown looks good
Birthdays. Hanukkah & Christmas. New Years.
Car troubles, phones becoming lost, finders not finding things, losing their Seeds of Happiness. Not the best of times.

Go for a walk in your town – enjoy what you see …

a few flakes down at the local sammy shop

Major likes his tree, I like the flakes downtown

Have fun dinners with American Tobacco, enjoy the drive by of glowing balls, love on your animals with all you heart.

festiveness is all around us
they dangled from trees without any sound
and so I have a mission for 2016!

Go for a drive, but don’t forget to come back home.

make the correct turn

Of hungry hippos and fireworks, both are enjoyable from a certain distance. Don’t lose a finger is what I’m saying.

to celebrate light fuse

dragons they said used to breath fire

they’re so hungry

  • New phones with fun features, tasty food with friends, helping friends with their animals, missing loved ones who are far away, not so far away, and no longer here.
  • Wish the best of the joy to friends, friends’ moms, and strangers. Watch out for doggies who live to piddle on you 🙂
  • Shop for gifts, for smallest cutest clothes that make all the world happier. Be astounded by the piles of gifts fit for the wee’st of princesses!
  • Revel in the kindnesses of your friends, watch the sparkly of lights held high, slow down and say ‘yay’ once or thrice …
  • Swing with a small fry, watch the fry pedal pedal pedal, feel amazed.
  • Strange weather, strange actions from people I used to know, general lack of smoothness for the overall arc of the end of the year; and yet here we are, ready to go again.
  • Have a play at your birthday party but only if the princesses choose to, while remembering to make the best of what you have because you don’t know what will be returned to you.
  • Don’t forget to start the new year with the ones you love, having a delicious meal & soaking up the sunshine.
So as we make our way into the new year, keep your chin up, vow to be as strong as you can in the face of the headwinds, go as far as you can when the wind is at your back, and be kind to the children an animals – they truly have no idea what the world is about.
And enjoy the end of the day – you’ve earned that, you deserve that!
a lovely moment hopefully once a day


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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