Even in October … oddly, disastorous

Even in October … oddly, disastorous

c. minutes after I stepped into thin air

luckily, not devastating. but still. Fuck.

c. moments after Boo choose “ointment and RICE” over “don’t hesitate, amputate!!” – thanks Boo!

fun is a great thing. Kids seem to be generally a great thing. Life and love area great things.
stepping into thin air – not so much. being stuck in a place inside your head and heart where everything is here to hurt you – well, that’s just hell. that’s what that is.

how do we help those who are stuck in hell? how do I find the kindness I want to have to replace the deep rooted despite (despise? despisement? despicable?)I currently hold dear? hydrogen peroxide for the soul, that’s what I’m searching for.

c. 35,000 feet coming in from NYC, July 2015 – if not peroxide, then shouting in the shower?

so, as I crafted this under the influence of the Ollie-dog, John spoke from the past (Feb 2009, to be specific) of an influential song and the lyrics that read in part:
“It is important throughout your life to proclaim your joy”
He added a few other thoughts, as he sang a song about hope in your life…
His take was to also point out that it is also important to admit on occasion to the righteousness of your fury …

Not at all surprising that John helps me find a place to stand and breathe deeply.

Even in October.

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