Durhamtown Decade … so odd

Durhamtown Decade … so odd

almost the same, just 10 years on

Seems like forever ago … such different times, lives, dreams.

First I made it to the ‘big city’ …
… with all it’s ‘fancy’ food …
… but Durhamtown had it’s own eclectic vibe …
… and it’s very own ‘fancy’ dining too!

Didn’t know then I’d make a go at living here in the Triangle.
Wonder what else I didn’t know I’d do? There’s a list!!

So it’s ok, good even to ponder the times that are past, and on this particular Friday I do plan on celebrating the beginnings of very very good times for me and mine – I hope there are wonderful memories you can recall and touch upon today, while having a moment or 7 to think “huh, so that’s where I might end up?” – every journey starts somewhere.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”
{yes, this has been a un-chosen place for my words of late. I blame the ubiquitous Book of Faces. But Winter’s coming, I hear … no – wait – actually what I heard was more like this: “//better times are coming better times ahead // nobody gets remembered for things they didn’t do” which if the intertubes don’t lie is Frank Turner – Peggy Sings the Blues}
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