Chilly greetings as 2014 gets going!

Chilly greetings as 2014 gets going!

of course, I hope you started with a toast!!

From chilled drinks to tonight’s whipped rain – ’tis the season for warm slippers!
I’m chillin’ (ugh) in the p.en at the back of Hobbit House, listening as the wind whips the rain about the magnolia tree, the roof, the windows. Seems like we’re starting the year off with a storm – but that’s ok – we’ve done that before 🙂

2004 – cold & chilly Russian River Getaway
2004 – happy and young!

See, we took a getaway, she was surprised but said yes, then the creek rose. We stuck it out though…

2014 – chilly Durhamtown amigos getaway!

Just a bit of frosty chill to bring the actual new year in, and after a sunny but cool Day 1, we are now feeling stormy.

2014 – still very happy … not as young

But before the storm, we toasted bubbly toast with friends and generally had a great time letting 2013 slip into the history books. Woot!

to ring in the new year we played games – stopping a pandemic!
Boo helped with the bubbly – did Brian and Raymond

Here’s to an amazing new year! from goofy scott and queen boo!
resolved – if I’m a horse’s ass this year, be a lovely horse’s ass!

Ok – so for ‘words’ I should have said ‘pictures’, eh? Sigh.

I’m kinda excited to see what Ought14 is gonna bring – looking back over ’13 helped me realize a lot of good things have come my way, and with a very solid pin in the time map circa NYE 2003 I’ve been as sentimental as ever, noting many cool and amazing things have passed before my eyes in the last decade – very glad I’ll be raising my eyes to see what the coming decade brings!

I look forward to keeping up with KEXP’s The Morning Show with John Richards, Facebook posts from far and wide, cleaning up the stacks of papers that constitute my life, and taking and sharing snaps of the days past. So many other things too – glamping14, visits to the ocean, the mountains and with friends. Seems there will a few new little ones from friends near and far, and that’s always good for smiles and cheer. My schooling continues to solidify my knowledge of things digital and secure (change your passwords! also, they’re not long enough!) – we’ll see if a group challenge is part of the coming school year.

I do truly hope this finds you well, with ones you love, and a easy smile waiting to be flashed to one and all. Certainly won’t be an easy lap of the Sun, but we really don’t have much of a choice, do we?

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”
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