Crisp Saturday thoughts…

Crisp Saturday thoughts…

Mika (Jan/2013)

thoughts that include “damn it” … also “I’m so sorry…” … also “fuck”
Shock-wave took a bit to hit – was on the Book of Faces, pondering the homophobic cake wreck Holly had posted, amused that the kitt-ay had been spinning more recently than Karl… then … a post from an hour earlier.

It’s not amusing, but looking back I’m not sure my tact was sterling – I moved to Boo in the living room and blurted out ‘did you see the news? on Mika?’ …

nice hoodie, & LAZER eyes! (Jan/2011)

shall we say hysterical is an appropriate descriptor … damn.

some toys and a soft spot (Jan/2011)

Dear friends who are a few hours away are hit by a Mack truck…

Mika, not a bad dog (Jan/2011)

A morning starts, takes a horrible step sideways, and the day spins on…

Boo made the observation of how the day continues, no matter what. Orange leaves cling to the magnolia out back, the clouds speeding overhead, Hali was semi-nudgey in her wants and needs.

Scott & Mika, on the sofa (Jan/2011)

Mika got to visit us a number of times, always making us happier than we were. Making friends wherever she went…

Mika gives Morgan a hug (Jan/2011)

Holly & Karl made a trek to visit Boo & I last year when we were not well, and Mika brought the nuzzles that helped us soooo much. I’m so very sad for them.

Mika, Karl & Holly (snowy Jan/2011)

Is pain a wave or a particle?
I’ve swam thru, thus I’m voting for wave. It makes me angy that my friends must swim thru it too.

{Having this odd sensation that I should pound this article out toot sweet!!, instead of the taking an hour or more to look over the pics, make some nice words… odd. or not – urgent needs seem to be the yappy dog’s mesage… sigh}

Hold close the ones you love, whisper of how your heart feels when you think fondly of them, promise them the moon & stars…

remember the better times (Jan/2011)


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{6:21p + 23Nov 2013 = Saturday eve || Running to Stand Still from 1992}
cry without weeping, talk without speaking, and scream without raising your voice