Goodbye October … Hello November

Goodbye October … Hello November

time takes it toll

Yo, November – I saw you sneaking up; welcome.
October, glad to have made it through once again, I’ll look for you when it’s time to see you once more.

Haven’t been as prolific as I always think I want to be. Upside – you don’t have to scratch your heads as you ponder the words strung and stuck together. I’m feeling pretty good about November though – been working through some things.

ah, a tasty beverage – refreshing

We’ve been pushing furniture around at the Hobbit House for, er, 7 years. Got some good tetris playing accomplished recently – trying to make it so we can accommodate visitors a tad easier than we’ve done in the past … had a quick run with a visit from Blood before we ran to the beach, will get another practice with Jen’s visit soon. Yay us!

With the puzzle palace arrangementing I did end up out back on the sun porch, making it my den … ha, guess I can  offer a post title of “Greetings from the p~en / p*en / p^en / p{}en / p=en / p|en / p.en ….” ala Timbuk3’s Greetings from Timbuk3!, circa ’86? hmmm… (speaking of oddly named blog posts, anyone recall High Contrast Palms? didn’t think so … sigh)
But that’s for tomorrow…

game 73 of Hobbit House Tetris – perhaps a winner!

We got through All Hallows Eve. We enjoyed celebrating Boo’s birthday!! (so far, a bit better this time around…) Yay us!!

a tasty morsel!

boo gets gifts!

You guys be good to each other, ok? November has lots to offer us as we trip down/over memory lane, so let’s not rush into this headstrong. We’ll stroll like we own this place!


 }S{ | dona nobis pacem |

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{{12:14a +01Nov13 = the beginning of a new month! || quietness as we sit on the sofa, window ajar for the last breaths of summer drift in under the darkness of night}}

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