On certain days my world pauses

On certain days my world pauses

I try to think back while at the very same time I try to dig into the moment right now
I am here, next to boo
I know Blood and Shari are downstairs
I know Wendy was here today

and I miss my mom.
seems even more deeply than I thought I would, having gotten ‘better’ with my grief over the past year.

My world has continued it’s winding return to a ‘normal’ level
I know she won’t call to tell me to change the clocks (huh – that’s soon, isn’t it?)
I know I won’t hear her laugh as I crack smart on something that will make her skedaddle to look it up

I still feel her watching over me as I travel when it’s sunny out
It makes me smile when it’s a fabulous sunset

I think I’ve needed a hug from her for some time now, and that’s not gonna happen anytime soon

Love ya ma… miss you to pieces


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