steady as it goes, chin up, look into the future

steady as it goes, chin up, look into the future

Halitron gets a good nap in … between sleep sessions

A few day to go – and I have much joy in flipping through the pictures I’ve taken. But I won’t make my goal. I’m hoping to get halfway there – another 60 or so pushed to the Book of Faces. So, more of a 44:182.5 – you ok with that?

Halitron keeps an eye on the side yard from the bed

What’s that – why am I having an issue?
Well, see it’s like this. It’s been tough looking at the pics from the past year, and ironically as I head back to see if I have any gems that need to be shown to the world the images I run into from late July, August, September, October, November … well. Let’s just say I get thinking I’m going to be able to just shuffle through and keep and eye out for potential “oh, that’s a nice one Scott” and “I like what the colors do to the scene” or perhaps a “wow – you’ve nailed the Hegelian dialectic perfectly with this composition – butterfly atop partridge, nibbling bread crust – bravo good sir!!”

All I get to is the hundreds of pictures of Blue. And I feel all sad and pissed and angry and bummed and annoyed and happy and … well. You can see that this might impact the sifting process when I only have ~25,000 snaps to get through. Kinda gotta find a bit of umph to make this final push.

If only Halitron could find a comfy spot to relax… sigh.

So yeah, got this on my mind.It’s not completely soul crushing, but since it’s not just Blue I have moments with from the past 12 months the going is slow and rough. I do find gems though, and that makes me smile.
Other things to smile about include the fabulous words I get to ponder from my classwork – my English 112 class turned out to be one of those great moments in fate – engaged instructor, provocative topics and a great textbook.

So know you know what’s going on if you tune in to “Scott’s wild and crazy photo album” at Facebook – just trying to finish up something I tried to do.

Hope you’re getting to the things that mean something to you and yours, and you’re finding a sense of pride and joy in those accomplishments.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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