10 years on … shall I tell ya the story again?

10 years on … shall I tell ya the story again?

Blue, napping wonderpup!

T-dog was needing some lovin’, his beloved yet viscous kitty Trojan having passed the previous fall. We made it to the shelter with him on his hunt for a new kitty friend, and in doing so wandered the pups of Harbor Area LA County Animal Shelter, where quite frankly I felt more at ease than in the kitty room.

Impression made, inter-tubes engaged, we shortly found ourselves thusly: Grendel the Brindle was on Boo’s oft refreshed browser page while we dealt with some landlord issues (sure, dig up our back yard for the outflow pipe replacement. We didn’t want to park in our parking space anyways. Heck, there’s plenty of street parking here in Hollywood!); this all lead to the situation where Boo used a quaint technical system called a ‘phone’ to get our landlord to let us re-coup our pain and suffering by allowing us doggie privileges at the house!

There’s certainly got to be a proper word for that thing where there is something that catches your eye, feeds your hopes and dreams, but in the end you get something different but it turns out to be so much more awesome and so much more amazing and so much more wonderful and wonderous (and, sadly, so much more, so much more…) – well that thing for us was Blue.

shelter pups look soooo small

We get to tell this great story of how Boo & I went to check on ‘Highlight’ to see if she’d be a good pup to take home. Shelter staff warned that Blue might not be too friendly. Boo sat cross legged on the ground, and Blue … well, what’s that thing about you not choosing an animal, they choose you? Well, this skinny, shaking pup curled up and shivered in Boo’s lap soooooo hard. Not really a ‘choice’ at that point, wouldn’t you agree Boo?

I see you!

Looking back, reliving this story … makes me so very sad today, the pictures I get to wade through are all heartening – both lifting and crushing. But it’s a story that’s a really big piece of the story that has become ‘Boo & Scott’ – Blue and Canela helped Boo and I realize that yeah, we’re good together (she picks great pets, I do a decent job of picking up after the pets) … that together Boo & I could offer more than either one of us separately. And that by adding to our couplet we added soooo much more than just a furry friend or two (or three) … all ’cause of some yard work and a slightly annoyed Boo. Yay for annoyed Boos!! no – wait …

July 2003, boo shares the love

July 2003, boo taunts blue

a good story. a really really good doggie.
miss the hell out of ya … with all our heart and soul and tears…


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