“Lie about my age … “

“Lie about my age … “

what, is there something wrong with my ear? Tell me! Tell me – please!

So, here I am… preparing to write an essay for English class – impressive, eh? – but I took a moment to enjoy a movie I hadn’t heard of – Hit & Run – kinda really funny – laugh out loud funny, in my view.

Then the rdio tab, where I have a list of songs to get me from The Mountain Goats to Nitzer Ebb, because this morning I read about ‘boil the frog‘ – but the tune for the Goats is ‘For Charles Bronson’ – which ties into the movie I just watched (character was named Charles Bronson) – so, I sit and just shake my head and go ‘cool’..

How’s it with you? Doing ok? How’s the weather inside?

Just chillin’ outside of 601 – gonna go chase some bunnies I think

Halitron, as you see above, is continuing to win hearts and minds, with Micah and Anneke surviving their visit at Hobbit House with nary a growl or nip – pretty much seems that Hali needs to play play play play!!
Thankfully, she’s also ok with ~20+ hours of donuting near Boo in the office, which brings great calm to my soul, and pleases boo to no end.

Think I discovered a very good comment tonight, chatting with the amigas after retrieving Beth from her unpleasant USAir trip to DC – that either I’ll learn something in my Tech Support class, or I’ll learn something about myself! Class has the potential to be really useful, but I have suspicions. Time will tell, but I will say that the instructor’s lecturn PC not being useable for three classes so far, not inspiring!

Speaking of un-enjoyable consumer issues…

If you saw me two-fisting my cell phones on my visit up north – well, it was because I was testing out a switch from sprint contract joy to t-mobile less-contracted joy; and the pic above shows my decision – gonna give plain, true Android a shot. Already I’m totally blown away by the speed and power my phone has – zoiks!! Thrown in the truth that at worst I pop out a SIM card, wipe to stock image, and I’m back to still a great version of mobile computing and I’m excited that the worst issues will be ones I choose to inflict on myself (looking at you, Sprint NASCAR TV app, or you Sprint NFL TV app – you all can just go away and die!) (oh, no worries, still the same number I’ve had for years…)

Spring has been nice this year, had my chilly vacation up north, and while the weather warmed up for Micah and Anneke’s visit, the long weekend was L O V E L Y … so I like that!

Hope your weekend was filled with friends and good joy – mine was!

Well, I should get back to enjoying my slightly odd playlist (gotta say it’s kinda neat to have tunes picked that should work together… will have to play with it for a bit) – oh, should get my writing on too.

Take care of yourself, drop me a line if you want – hope it’s all going great for you.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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