In the living room, relaxing

In the living room, relaxing

Lady-tron adjusts to boo’s departure from the sofa. Boo adjusts to the very comfy chair, but misses the doggie snugglies. Scott enjoys being on a sofa, but knows that when need be, a Top-Gear-a-thon while on the SAME couch as Boo and Lady-tron can be accomplished! That can help with dark moods and disillusionment. ‘Cause puppy donuts between the curled up legs of a couple in love just makes it better!

I hear the soft tinks of a bit of rain … the ker-wuffles of Lady-tron at a person with an umbrella walking by (really – what MUST that look like to the doggy brain?); Boo klicky-clacky across the room as I do the same. Modern life, eh?

Lady-tron takes to standing at the sofa – her hind legs on the seat cushions, her front legs on the top edg; gives her a commanding view out the big front window, where the birds and squirells and neighbors have the show of her life. Safe from the drizzle that defines a spring day.

Oh, look what I can see!

… and donut dog. It’s a quiet sunday at Hobbit House. I look through pics from our glamping trip – trying to get a handle on them, cause, well – I’m a masochist?

We are SURE we know where we are!

no, we did not got there. but wow…

Changes are afoot here in the Durham County… good things mostly but still, changes that will cause challenge and sadness, but hopefully will allow for growth and happiness. More in the weeks to come.

How, my dear reader, do YOU find a moment of quiet in the storm of life? Are you, like the fabulous Raymond, an embracer of the peak of life, packed with good people mingling and enjoying theirselves, allowing you to soak in it? Like we did for the jolly leprechaun holiday last week?

Oh joy and deliciousness!!

Are you the type to embrace the occasionaly wanderlust, and move to the other coast to see what that will bring? don’t forget the doggles!

Do you struggle to step outside of the routine, and find it kinda awesome when you do? getting to the local towns, meeting interesting characters, learning how to slip out of hand-cuffs? Me too!!

Over hill and dale

Yo-yo Ma serenades us with Bach, Lady-tron donuts to her heart’s content, and the cars wizz by on the wet road, sizzling tracks left on the shiny asphalt. A siren cuts in above the cello, as the day commts to being less than enthusiastic about having people come outside and play.

I’ve looked at pics, pondered which to blog, which to select for my 44:365 album, and which I really need to delete. I hover over the battery icon to see that I am down to an hour and 14 minutes before I will need to jack in, do I even recall the 43 minutes of ‘computing’ I used to tolerate last year? Have I written my “One Year in the Life of: MacBook Air” column? no, I haven’t … it’s been … easy. really really easy, a tad uneventful to be a source of 800 words. I really should, though.

Pondering on a wet sunday – there’s a life statement, eh?
Funny how you can get distracted from what you are doing, what you want to be doing, what you need to be doing… “how do you shift your focus, once you realize you’re there?” good question, very good question.I hope you’ve found a way to keep your focus, keep your happy.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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