sunday mornings, time lost, coffee enjoyed …

sunday mornings, time lost, coffee enjoyed …

Biscuits & gravy (two kinds!), coffee and fresh air – nice way to start your Sunday

So, we woke anew, only partially broken from the fun adventures of Saturday…

The visitor center folk suggested either the tallest falls in the park, or the highest point – which would have been part of a 4 mile loop. We decided the easier of the two and headed off … bewarned of hazards

Occasionally a step to the side of the path gathered a picture of brave adventure…

Brave Scott, standing on a rock
at the bottom, we found water

and upon finding the thing we went looking for – wow!

eventually, we decided to go back up…

Nature – the original stair stepper!

Of course, after a good day’s hike to a spectacle of nature’s beauty, we decided to get our cooking and campfire started – Saturday’s campfire was a tad… chilly.

Trav ElMonkey borrowed Boo’s scarf, and Boo got the charcoal goin’!
Adding some fresh whittlings onto last night’s pre-warmed logs got us a toasty campfire!

There was much tastiness, committed snuggling under blankets, and a delicious round of smore’s. But, in the end, “close to freezing” is kinda too cold. Some of us stayed and watched the fire die, others took up ‘indoor’ games … and all had a great time.

Why hello time lapse camera on a tri-pod, how are you?

I’m sure more scholared folks than I have pondered this, but what IS it about a campfire that just works? Control over a primal force of nature? Pretty lights? Low oxygen levels to the brain? Something, cause really, could spend hours just at a firepit.

love the sparky sparks

I do have to say being in the great outdoors really slows you down to enjoy the simple truths – winter’s cold, fire’s are warm, smore’s are delicious, and spending time with good people who care and love you is heartwarming, no matter how chilly it gets.

+++ missing a call with kind loving words. damn. +++

Hope the time change hasn’t caught too many of you off balance, I think I might celebrate the added evening light with a fire – what do you think?


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