saturday at home, sunny & cool…

saturday at home, sunny & cool…

why yes, that does look delicious! (and it was!)

just gonna shut the Freedom Sailors diatribe off on my KEXP stream for a minute or 47, perhaps some tuneage? yesh …

So, how was your weekend last week? Did you make it out to HOCKEYTIME? (drats – don’t think I turned Catie onto such fabulousness – sure she’d miss Moz for such escapades!!)

Well, a few of us not within shusshing distance of Everrett treated ourselves to a different kind of rabble rousing – we went glamping!! Yay glamping-time!! (huh, not exactly the same)…

I recall a tasty breakfast with love from Raymond and Racheal (see above) to start my Saturday morning off, and thankfully we were well fueled for a short stroll through the woods, lakes, mountains and waterfalls of Hanging Rock State Park, where we had planted our “Go Glamor, or Go Home!” banner… (hey, that’s a good idea – I should make a banner…)

Hi Trav! Like the cabin?

 Once we were filled up with tasty food, we headed out into the oh so brisk outdoors! Let’s load up people…

we head off, in search of adventure

Where are we going, you ask – why here is where we are going…

Know how to make 0.6 miles seem much further? put in hills!

 But the hills were ok, because at the end of the climb down we saw this –

lovely swimming facility at HRSP… oddly closed on the first weekend of March. huh.

We climbed back up, then back down where we saw this –

Is that a waterfall?

Why yes – that IS a waterfall!

Further ups and downs got me to this:

Oh the steps to get down here were so easy, going back up – not so much

Wow – that takes us to about lunch on Saturday – wow.
Ok, more later, wanted to share a bit… hope your weekend is and has been filled with fun and adventure!

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