Have I mentioned how much I love music/songs?

Have I mentioned how much I love music/songs?

– love is patient. love is kind – “she keeps me warm”

FOSTER PUP Lady-tron on her first hour at Hobbit House

been listening to tunes a bit more this past week or so – not feeling totally awesome (low grade crud) so I’ve been tunes + snowcrash + NyQuil = er, strange dreams??

Had the idea of a ‘ladder’ playlist – have had quite a number of songs that lock me into a dark and stormy mood, or ones that pull at my heart, or ones that just plain rock! (Thrift Shop, anyone?) – so I toy with an idea of a list where tunes 1-10 are totally ass-kicking happiness, 11-20 are somber and ponderful (the “In Time” soundtrack has some great piano tracks, for instance), and 21-30 are down where the empty bottles roll and bump into my sad sad face … (er, well, er – no offense, but Lanterns by the Dickens kinda cuts me off at my knees, U2’s ‘Blue Room’ certainly brings me down a notch or three)

I’m looking at my Winamp playlist right now – Frankie goes to hollywood (Born to Run), Fugazi (Waiting Room), Janis, Elbow covers Running to Stand Still, M+RL Thrift Shop, The Newsroom “Why America’s Not the Best Country In the World”, more M+RL, some Norther Exposure re: voting , and now I’m into the NETTWERK Fall 2011 Sampler which was a stunning wonderful totally awesome collection of great tunes by people you’ve probably not heard of. 


I have a cd player in the bathroom which has seen better days. Used to have my Sony shelf system in my bathroom in LA. Would hang my Creative Zen mp3 player onto the door of the etarge set up in there, and I’d just have a grand old time singing in the shower … keep having dreams of a weatherproofed stereo in the shower – maybe a unit designed for boats or something.

and the pup slumbers in her kennel, it’s a soft rhythmic huff. her heart is huge, her tongue is fierce, her smell pungent, our love for her verges on eclipsing the ache at times (snuggled up to boo’s toes on the couch) … noticing the moment can be a very good thing. {{10:25a + 12Feb2013 = Tues morn || Midnight Oil sings “Forgotten Years”}}

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“What the fuck are we saying?” asks Lenny K.
I’m looking at a pic of a sweet Datsun roadster over on eBay via Bring A Trailer… is that the answer? go with what you KNOW will be happy making (rolling about in a droptop with a few amigos)… vs. why oh why is Theodore Nugent such a douch, and why aren’t the Republicans dead yet?) … hmmm


{{6:49p + 11Feb2013 = Monday eve || Macklemore + Ryan Lewis sing “Same Love” featuring Mary Lambert }}