Windows open, door ajar, birds chirp out on the wire…

Windows open, door ajar, birds chirp out on the wire…

Last night was kinda very very nice out

 Welcome to January in Durhamtown!

8:16 – some geese fly over, honking as they go…
I was inspired to write this morning because it’s a pretty damn good life I live when I wear shorts and a t-shirt to walk our FOSTER PUP Lady-tron first thing, and we’re really not rushed (as we were during the freezing rain of last Friday) – so I hear the birds chirp chirp chirp.

Post bath happy wiggles – go Lady-tron go!

It’s overcast, so there’s a bit of a blanket effect, things are a tad muted. Heck, even Lady-tron was all ‘sure, a walkies, some business doing, and now just chilling in the living room? I can do that for ya…’ – and as I let her chillax, I was making the morning coffee and ‘Let’s Be Pirates’ is playing on 88.1.

Took me back to the start of my Durhamtown life – mp3 files of a band of Future Kings, no titles yet because it was the nearly finished mix – listening to songs of Simple Murders and Staring Contests as I flew back and forth to Los Angeles. I’d mix those tracks up with an outfit of Dickens, who had a thing for Saturday Mornings and Tetris.

My town. My town’s bands. Bands that I new the people in. People I liked – they liked us too. People who worked really really hard to do what they loved to do – and boy did that take it’s toll.

But I certainly recall hearing them on the local radio for the first few times – driving hither and yon – off to Carrboro for a radio show (where we gladly interviewed them and the rest of the Triangle Indie Bands Class of 2007), or over to Briar Creek and the Cary environs to hang with our relocated West Coast friends. It was – still is, frankly – exciting to go “hey – I KNOW that guy who’s singing on the radio… he’s awesome!”…

How about some Universal Karma? Last night at school, took a moment to grab a drink in the vending break room and a familiar face comes strollling in – we do the ‘I know you…’ stare, and I open my mouth and he’s like ‘yeah – i’ve been seeing you in the hallways and always laugh when you don’t recognize me…’ – reconnections of long-ago acquaintances took me back years to the Troika festivals, and the Pinhook. Dave, good sir – hope your woodworking skills are still amazing, and what ever you’re in school for you’re having a good time.

Our town. Durhamtown. Not a bad place to be, on a kinda really warm January day.

{{7:59a + 30Jan13 = Wednesday morning – 65 fucking degrees outside!!! || 88.1 WKNC just finished up playing The Future Kings Of Nowhere’s ‘Let’s Be Pirates!’}}