Not an all too bad way to start the year…

Not an all too bad way to start the year…

Lady-tron ponders ‘What’s over there?’

About to get ready to head out to school … looking at the Google Hangout of Lady-tron on my screen – she’s all donuted up in her kennel (the feed make boo happy). Watching YouTube clips of John Darnielle + durham = holy fuck yeah.

Take this clip, will you – 

In it, John shares the opinion that ‘you all should move to durham…’ – good idea that, circa 2008.

How about John at the Pinhook 2 years later?

Or how about John at the Pinhook 2 nights ago?

Kinda cool having a some what talented local artist who is so damn willing to give to good causes (first clip is from Trans-Continental Awareness project, the last one is from a Pro-Choice benefit gig) – also, he just seems so damn happy. Happy to play. Happy to have fans. Happy to have a pumpkin!

Of course, the weekend before that Boo and I made our way to the ocean, cause we’ve fucking needed to do that for quite some time. We took advantage of the 72 degree weather, road-tripped to a sandy spot and just were, like Pooh.

boo looking for dolphins

Scott soaks up the sun & sand

With a bite of tastyness before we headed back to the Triangle…

Oh Amy’s, we do so love your food

It didn’t take long for the summer-like weather to be trumped by the truth – 5 days only


Then we got a visitor, someone to look after and be kind to – think we’ll be able to figure that out just fine.

Hi there foster pup Lady-tron – you relaxing a bit?

Hope so very much that your year has started well too.


{{11:50a + 22Jan2013 = Tuesday morn || John Darnielle sings ‘ How To Embrace A Swamp Creature‘ live at Bull City HQ fundraiser in Aug 2008}}