We gathered & welcomed…

We gathered & welcomed…

first, a farewell

I’m cheating a bit, quarter after midnight into the 2nd of January. Boo rests besides me, Karl & Holly & Mika laugh in the living room, a light rain on the leaves makes the cool breeze from the open window that much more excellent.

We made it. We had a fire to send off 2012 while beckoning the century’s teen-angst to enter – sure that’s not gonna be a problem, right?

So much to write, so much to share – like the snap above – 100 feet to the west, and I get such a clear shot of the sunset – location, location, location! – not that in front of Hobbit House was horrible –

colors and clutter in a december sky

but perhaps a good thing to ponder now and again. What does it look like from over there?

No matter how I look at it, this is the truth – our friends made our year.

It’s really as simple as that. Boo & I can’t begin to imagine where we’d be without you all. As I’ve said – we have so much gratitude and love for every one of you. So much…

Our Friends & Their Monkey

Of like minds, we gathered … wonderful reminders of the great things of the past year. How is it having friends come over makes US feel lucky? Odd…

Howdy Mika

Friends traveled to visit us again & that feels great. Didn’t think I nailed the ‘great impression’ last time, but I’m up for giving it another go round. We can always ply them with Q Shack, am I right?

A day of much joy, lots of effort (Boo rocking the 6am bootcamp!!) and good friends – yeah, gathering and welcoming went rather well.

I hope you and yours had as good a time…


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