Not sure if I ever appreciated …

Not sure if I ever appreciated …

how Blue was everywhere in the life Boo and I have made.

oh how true – thanks much Beth-y!

The past few days have been just kinda wow – moments when it’s all “Oh how the hole seems to be widening, dropping out from under our feet and our hearts and our souls like a scene from a Hollywood action film – will the heroes make it to solid ground, or will they be consumed?” followed by Boo &I laughing and talking about the awesome things Blue had going on – her ‘thud’ of leaning into you if she choose you as the pillow substitute for the moment.

Her gentle but oh-so-persistent nose nudge of your hand – in case you forgot your were supposed to be scratching her. Or the way she’d back into you for a butt-rub/scratch… she’d dance a happy butt happy dance of joy.

Of course, in remembering the fun things, we’ve found one after another of the subtle, “damn, that’s gonna suck” touch points into our hearts. Like how she’d sit at the front window and watch for you to come home – her happy ears and a woof and she darts behind the curtain so that when you open the door she’s sometimes paws over the backrest of the sofa, all happy to see us. Or sometimes it was chewing her favorite shiv-toy with her butt up in the air – all ready to play with us…

Bricks bouncing off our fragile skulls when we come to realize that 7 o’clock has come and gone, with world wide web distracting and hopefully engaging us, but wait – she’s always on time about dinner – what’s up? Oh, fuck – yeah, that’s what’s up. Fuck.

Bricks like a phone call from the nice nice folks at the Vets, letting us know … Blue can come home. If only I had gotten it, and not Boo hearing a message… damn.

I’ve been writing – scribbling really – during class. A list of places we went with Blue – Russian River getaway, doggie parks with Declan and Quincy; LoggieLand and 1 Trinity Ave. Or places where I recall walking Blue – early morning strolls into the crisp air of Montgomery Village, for instance.

Crisp morning in Mont. Village. Circa ’08

We think of great stories we’ll tell once again, and then again, and again…

Did you hear the one about the raccoon?

Oh Rocky, Blue did not like you! Circa ’08

+++  —– Original Message —-
From: punkalicia <punkalicia@*********.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2008 11:22:41 AM
Subject: [NPNA] Weird raccoon related request

Hello All, we were foolish enough to leave our door open last night (a mistake
that we feel pretty schooled on right now), and we had a nocturnal
visitor.  Sadly, our dog noticed first, and tangled with said beastie.
I do not recommend separating dog/raccoon pairing while naked and sleepy.

The raccoon cornered itself under some furniture, and after some
wishy/washyness, I called 911 b/c I have to admit, I have NO IDEA if
angry, hurt beast is considered an emergency.  Big shout out to
Stephanie at 911, who had the most soothing voice ever, and got animal
control for us.  And Chris from animal control, who despite getting
roused from bed was cheerful about the whole thing.

Unfortunately, by the time Chris arrived, the raccoon ran out the
back.  I say unfortunately because even thought I was pretty happy to
have it out of the house, it was clearly injured from the fight.  And
since they don’t have the raccoon, we’re taking our dog in for a
rabies booster.

Anyway, long story even longer: If you see an injured raccoon in the
neighborhood, please call animal control.  If it’s injuries were worse
than we realized, and you find it’s body, please call animal control
rather than disposing of it yourself, as I’d like to have it tested
for rabies.

Oh, and if you are silly like us: close your doors and doggie doors at
night! Thanks!
-Alicia @ 601 E Maynard

Of course our friends were … impressed. One wrote – “Ok that is just crazy!  Is Blue ok?  Are you traumatized? BTW, you just announced to cyberspace that:
a. you sleep naked
b. you leave the door to your house open
c. your address is 601 E Maynard
Sorry to hear about the craziness!”

Or how about when she guarded me while I did my first ever ‘wow, I really really REALLY have to piss – er, huh – well, I’m looking at YOU, Mr. “Thirsty-Two Ouncer!” large drink cup; come here…’ while we were outside of Bethesda Naval Hospital as Boo visited her Dad in post-op. (Aren’t you glad I actually DIDN’T get a pic??) Huh, turns out …
resting and waiting

Oh the stories… how I was out back at Hobbit House, noticed Blue up at the road where our side drive meets up – “damn, how’d she get out?? must’ve left the back porch gate open. Damn.” Inside I go to get the leash and go get her and she’s looking at me from the sofa in the living room. Hmmmm…. MAGIC!! that’s it!

Yeah – we’ve got stories. We’ve got friends who are sad and hurting too; talk about a challenging pain management challenge for me – I tend to default to offers of assistance with secret prayers that they’re not in as much need as Boo and I. Still, those who love the furry ones, well… so much sadness.

Sunny skies and lovely days have done me a favor, but I”m not sure if that’s just the function of distraction.

Sadness … pushed to look through the past, memories brighten, recollections cascade and bump into one another – looking at blue, I see friends I’ve not seen in too long.

Evening is draggin on nicely; I presume giving Boo and I time to lose ourselves into our glowing rectangles. I push and rip images so that I can … share? I can see? I can remember…
A Neil Young tune is covered by a voice of calm Texas open skies, (trinity-sessions-like voice) – Neil’s words hit home,
{7:30p + !7Nov2012 = Saturday eve || Chromatics sing “Into the Black” on KEXP}