Sunshine punches through the clouds, a struggle that the sun will lose today. the clouds conspire to remove the contentedness that permeated yesterday, taking us a few days back to memories of weather that only annoyed us, not hurt us like the Big Cities got hurt …

On days such as this I guess we find our comfort through our rituals, just like the door said a few years back:

Such as making coffee. Drinking coffee.
Looking at photos from years gone by.
Looking at things I want to buy.
  I like to look at furniture in windows in the stores
  and then and then
  I think a lot of cars that I know I can’t afford
  and then and then

Thanks (& (c)) to Evans Automotive in Columbus, Ohio for my ritual de la wanderlust habitual of the day!! 

So while the sun got past the clouds’ defensive blanket, I saw it glinting off the hood of this GT, parked outside the Grand Canyon lodge for Boo & I’s semi-often ‘Hell, it’s the end of the year, we should celebrate by driving to the other side of the country all poorly planned and what not … oh – look – another beautiful vista!!’ tour.

No actual productivity was harmed in the making of this daydream.
{Diamond Dogs – by Beck}
We sleep, we get up. So that we can go back to sleep sometime later…

Slip into my slippers, cause it’s in the 30s this morning (come on sunshine, we need you!!). Rinse coffee pot parts, spoon in the 4 levelish scoops for the 8 units of water. the grinder has an apt name for it, don’t you think?

As the coffer makes itself (hmmm, what is the word for what coffee does? infuse? melt? hmmm…) coffee cups are cleaned, plates and a knife for the inevitable physics experiment with bread (or bagel) and a toaster, on mornings I’m feeling healthy I’ll make the mixings for our smoothies (of courses, cleaning of blender parts is defacto ritualized if I’m in the mood for smoothies)…
Then we sit … sit and drink, sit and nibble, sit and read.

From the top left – Google Calendar (do I really use that? ha ha ha), Google + (oh the photos there…), GMail (will Morgan get back to me?), Bring A Trailer pop out from GMail (thus the shiny coupe above), the ebay tab for said car, and another tab for a different add from BAT (Alfa’s in the NW); then the historic tabs – last night’s Indy email had me pop open a tab on 24 Hour Comic Book day (write a comic in 24 hours – try it, it’s fun!!), Microsoft Student Underground site for students making apps for WinMo, Voytek’s Adventures from my PC800 mailing list, and ArsTechnica article on Parallels 7 vs BootCamp, a tab on the Complete how to running windows on a mac, another tab on bootcamp vs parallels, and knowledge base page on losing functionality running Windows on a mac, a lifehacker ‘update’ since their servers are down, but I had been reading about secure password managers, how to set up your desk – an introduction, how a dude moved from a MacBook to and iPad with Linode to do coding, the secret life of steve jobs in 46 seconds (dealing with his opinion that you can change it, and that’s the most powerful thought you can have), a tab on soulful driving (site’s called ‘Curves’), a dropbox come-on for educational institutions (why do I believe I can change the mind of people who ‘run’ things?? Delusions?), a google search on NPR SoftBank Sprint (thanks matt!), the actual NPR site for said article, an episode on The Verge from their intrepid reporter who gave up the internet, The Happiness Project’s Manifesto page, TechDirt’s page on a CIA torture whistle blower being railroaded by the DOJ, TechDirt page focused on the article reporting that cops can place a surveillance camera on private property, PopeHat page on creepy story of wire fraud and extortion (dude puts up embarrassing pics, has add to dude who can get pics taken down – same dude), The Awl’s story on not rebuilding NY (or New Orleans…) – for matt!, Woot’s Tech page, Book of Faces, News.Google for the US, checking to see if the looting is bad in NYC, the Blooger page where I’m writing this (is that meta?), NYT page on gasoline shortages after Sandy, and a google search on Trio’s lyrics for Hearts Are Trump.

Sit and read. Sit and shop (HP business lappytoppys for perhaps Morgan’s replacement machine?). Sit and try not to read the ‘news’, because boy does it just infuriate me to no ends…

Sit and look out the window at the squirrels hopping running bounding about our lawn searching for stowed away presents, sometimes finding them, frantic…
Looking at the big pines towering over our yard (and squirrels), the grey block of ‘cloud’ behind them, cracked and patch-worked with hot white spots where the sun fights valiantly.

Sit and listen – music is definitely a ritual for me.
88.1 in the kitchen – those crazy kids and their radio station – random music in the mornings (chainsaw metal on Thursday nights – always surprises me!). Stream 88.1 sometimes at the computer, this morning playing a list of tunes thrown together in Winamp with a heavy focus on David Bowie.

Pondering the many things that might happen.
Planning and purchasing the few that will happen.

Going and getting a second cup of coffee.

oh – and smoothie making! yum!

Come on sun…
{Changes by Bowie}

}S{ | dona nobis pacem |

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{8:44a + 2Nov2012= Friday || Down Under by Men At Work}