I miss you everyday, ma

I miss you everyday, ma

hmmm… shot in artsy black and white. Blood, probably – didn’t mention how … special… I looked. thanks sis!

some days more than others.
I hate that memories fade, as time does it’s healing trick…
I’m thankful for the touchstones I have to root me in moments of the past…
But I love the person I’ve become having traveled along this path.

“Strength”, as descriptor, has been applied to my list of character traits often, recently.
Though I acquiesce with but a furrow of the Wallace brow, in quiet interludes I’ve realized that who I am is attributable to who loved me, raised me, set me into this turbulent mess called ‘life’with enough guidance to land me here, with amazing love of family and friends.

I’ll occasionally ponder what the moms of the meaner, stupider people think (and during an election year, really, can you swing a dead k-street pollster without hitting a half dozen fine examples?) – I can’t imagine their moms being happy about how their children turned out.

I can’t imagine you being too unhappy about who I’ve become.
So ‘Thanks” – I’m grateful for how good a job you did with me.
Just so ya know…

love ya & miss ya with my whole damn heart…