a fall evening…

a fall evening…

blue is to my left
boo is to my right

a dim lamp on the bedside table, blue making quiet noises, boo’s noises a little louder.

edges smooth, edges sharp – the smoothness of the down comforter brought down from the attic, in the soft blue duvet cover. fall may have arrived finally, cool night air makes sleeping a bit easier.

blue tolerates a closeness and a blanket tossed over her back end, nose on the pillow guarding the window – she let’s us know when the squirells and bunnies are out and about in the late night hours.

our friends have once again proved that boo & I are very very lucky – I’m more calm because of them, will they ever know how grateful I am? I hope so…

the moon was a bit fuzzy tonight when I left class – still glowing with all its heart though.

gaze upon your loved ones, see their beauty, their strength, their heart. feel blessed that your life is filled with goodness, no matter how many edges you might come across. be kind to the ‘nimals who bring their love to your life, perhaps an extra treat when they might not have earned one. At least a skritch about their ears, eh?

for Tomorrow, where we place our hopes and our dreams, I bid you good night, and peaceful slumber my friends.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{11:11p + 25Sep2012 = Tuesday night || the chirps outside, the snores from the bed}