Heartbeats, donuts and tones…

Heartbeats, donuts and tones…

we’re exploring mo’ fo’s!! Mars – the planet next door.
40 odd ‘scientists’ sit at JPL, televised in the rank and file blue shirts, titled workstation, and big screens.
A performance … real life. All for the love of a hunk of metal.
Old guys seems tense; young guys have a Mohawk and bubble gum.

And here I sit at my home desk, watching two feeds on my computer flat screen, a thin and light MBA to my left, a cell phone with 4G WIMAX radio … tech makes life cool and fun!! hey – dude had an apple at NASA!

Boo rests – a weekend is great when you’re whipped from being out and about with friends! Also – donuts. that is all.

Yesterday – Saturday – went for a stroll in the morning with Morgan and Izzy … plenty of fun pics snapped on that walk, such as new art Morgan picked up at a yard sale, Bronto seemed pleased!

Of course there were a few flowers …

Then on last Thursday Boo and Morgan and Izzy with me headed to the Museum o’ Life and Science …
we took some pics…

top and bottom pics I took, middle two are Boo’s snaps – awesome aren’t they??

Did I mention I also spent most evenings this week hunting a ‘good shot’ to share over at FaceBook?

And even more snaps, cause damn it’s fun!

Boo snapped the dragonfly(s) at Duke Gardens, I snapped the others.

Too cool- from 1991 with Sir Tim thinking a linked webby thing for computers would be good, to today – watching JPL peeps ‘celebrate’ … you’d think they’d hire out to the Rap Community or something…

{Today in history (from Wikipedia) – 1991 – British computer programmer Tim Berners-Lee (pictured) first posted files describing his ideas for a system of interlinked, hypertextdocuments accessible via the Internet, to be called a “World Wide Web“.}

Then thumbnails of pics from the planet next door – the wheel of the rover. On another planet. watched on the internet. too fucking cool.

Bravo smart brains! washes that Chik-fil-H8 taste right out of my mouth.

wow … this is awesome.


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