coffee, silence, college radio & inspiration via Netflix …

coffee, silence, college radio & inspiration via Netflix …

8:11 am +23Jun2012= Saturday morning
Hey mickeymatt – wanna go for a bike ride?? wow…

opened the windows a bit … temps are just now getting into the low 70s, blue is happy to be able to sniff the outside while relaxing a bit…

finding challenges.
fighting inertia.

meeting little people who have incredible amazing awe-inspiring – meteoric (there’s the word I’m digging for) impacts on the lives of those close by. Instead of dust and destruction, though, hope and happiness. truly amazing.

I’ve been pondering a more ‘professional’ place to blog on the intertubes… to tie in with a bit more ‘professional’ presentation of my skills.
but – where – or more to point – under what banner… ttocsland? pacoscott? perfent? Of course – what the hell am I gonna write about probably has an impact on where to post/host it.

will having a better place to ‘make a stand’ challange me to actually stand?
watching the ride the divide movie as I type this – real challanges – real awakenings of what’s important, why to do the things we do…

solitude empowers, solitude ….
took a bit to enjoy a second cup of coffee and watch the movie – cool story, great balance of the place, the people, the story – man v. nature and shit. somewhat surprising that the big challenge was the issue of man v. mind – in that those who started the race didn’t really end up being challanged by the physical toughness, but the mental game – riding alone in the middle of beauty.

Some great cinematography helped me understand Blood’s love of that corner of the world.

Of course, taking my fat ass off the couch and dropping me in Banf saying ‘enjoy the ride’ and the physcal becomes the fear. Ah, people who are in shape.

thoughts I had while watching: if you’re in shape you can ride then eat what ever you want to. I looked at my MBA on the stool, where I was crafting this gathering of sentences and wondered “when I wake up, what do I have that I can make money with??” – meaning that I’m capable of a number of things every day of my life – breathing, smiling, shitting, telling tales, observing life around me. how can I capitalize on these inate skills?
what is the minimum I need to add to my ‘out of bed’ self to maximize the $$??
good quetions I should find answers to.

9:25 on a saturday morning… how do i break out? break free? change directions? get going? get my shit together (GYST)?? really, what can I do?
(apparently I can ask a shit ton of questions!!)

Yay for our local food truck rodeo!! It’s no Voss’, but it’ll do.

Ok, if I don’t push ‘publish’ this will languish, so here is your most recent mostly incomplete update/blather from your man Scott.

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