Would you look at that…

Would you look at that…

10:28am + Thursday = 31may2012
just how did we get here so quickly??

just got back from a lovely jaunt to the northlands, seeing fabulous people, including a new one, some blue ones, and a nice assortment of the tried and true ones.

Over at ches humphreys (now with extra humphreys!) springtime has sprung, so a dip of the toes in the O’ Creek was super nice, as was seeing the happiness that the lives of my friends have erupted in. Oh the emotions a coy half-smile from a 3 month old inspire. now finish the crib, cause it’s another example of your really good work.

walk abouts are slower for shari, but the smiles are just as warm and genuine. Also, making sure I had Voss’ and B&F ice cream – yay.

burning pics to discs at the moment, will probably need the rest of the week/month of june to sort and share but I sure am glad I have a loving wife who said ‘just be safe’ and let me go on a road trip in the merry month of may.

oh, hi blue!


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