sunlight outside streams inside…

sunlight outside streams inside…

Blue dog snuggled up to me behind my knees as i sit on the sofa, learning how to balance and type on my lappytoppy … strike that. learning how to type while I balance my laptop on the arm of the sofa – it’s new to me, so I learn.
The weekend has been fun so far, and as I pursue the balance the universe deserves (dishes and laundry, laundry and dishes) I’m happy that boo has made delicious eggs to go with the bagels, and some warm coffee to fight off the last bits of a cool morning.

I’m adapting/adjusting to life with a Mac – it’s been fairly odd/superbly pleasant. I’ll chip away for another few days before making a declaration, but I have to say I’m impressed. and if for some reason I come across as a privileged snot, just smack me, ok? not my intent, and I’m truly out of my comfort zone with something so nice and shiny.

Great thing about joining the dark side as I told Blood I was doing is that everyone seems more than willing to help a guy out – show me a trick or three, welcome me over to the ‘easy way’, stuff like that.

I on the other hand, am still freaking out a bit about giving money to a company known for locking you into their environment, blah blah blah …

But all I really want is a decent machine to help me be more productive, and 5 days into this experiment I think it’s all going to work out just fine.

Also, blue –

I hope your march fourth into a wonderful spring is going well.

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