Saturday morning sunshine…

Saturday morning sunshine…

splashes through the windows onto the floor, offering warmth and illumination, not just light.
I stand in front of our front door, watching the squirrels scamper, for though it’s bright and inviting, the app on my celly says ’34 feels like 39′ … er, ok – it was mid 60s yesterday, windows down rolling home under fluffy clouded skies. Changes.

As I’ve written before, as I’ll write again sky and road for me are strong markers in my memories.
Bright, if not sunny – light reflecting off the snowy ground, WOUR plays Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ after the DJ shares the tragic news that the space shuttle Challenger has exploded … I continue from picking up my check towards … well, towards the first push pin that was hammered into my personal ‘where were you when’ memories board.

The day … well, we didn’t check our CNN feed on the computer like I would do 15 years later. My next recollection is driving Blood’s big ol’ hunk of american steel slowly into the bumper of the man in front of me on the on ramp to 12 south – we were heading down to Binghamton to see Lisa Koch (can’t recall if Pat Cook would also be there…) – ok, as I try to recall I get these snap shots, no real timeline – we made it to SUNY-B, it was dark, I  hit a parking sign in the parking lot of her dorm(?), we went out to eat (chinese?) … all missing, not even a blur. Odd…

We made it back to Trinity, where a note was on the table indicating that Shari had given birth while we were out joyriding – can’t recall if mom told me, but I found out I had become an Uncle with a nephew named Justin.

And thus on the 28th of January I get to feel the heights of amazement (a fucking Master’s degree!!! how the hell did he do that??) that help balance out the really sucky lows. Guess I appreciate that in a day. Perhaps it’s evidence to the balancing nature of our reality? At least it’s an example I get to look at and ponder, eh?

“stay, don’t go, I’m fading away…” sings David ‘Talking Head’ Byrne. Who do you think is more amazing – David or Peter Gabrielle? I think they’re both constantly impressive and entertaining – certainly help me understand the actual permanence of artistry, entertainment, and music. Granted, sometimes you need to put on Van Halen’s first album and just sink into the power and reality encased in that platter of vinyl, and I’m impressed that they’re as still together as they are, but compared to Peter riding a shiny bicycle around a round stage on YouTube, well … some continue to grow, and others gave what they had some time ago. It’s all good. It’s all what it is, right?

Did you see me earlier standing in the sunlight at my door, looking out, feeling warmed, listening to Adelle (holy shit she’s got a great voice, and I do so love her tune “someone like you”)? Do you see me at my desk setup typing (plodding?) away at this missive? I look about the living room (where I am) and see so much of our stuff, so much all about and wonder if it’s my comfortable chaos, no need to really put away files or things or get organized because I know (kinda) where things are, and well, that’s good enough. Do you see my calendars (it’s a new year people – I see a porch looking onto the rugged coast line to my left, an amazing tree-house  on my right, and I know my zen rock is out by the laundry center!) … I think a nice correlation is my music collection, where I’ve transitioned from Dire Straits ‘Brothers in Arms’ to The Distillers ‘City of Angels’ – both songs that I have at times played very very loudly and repeatedly – I know I’ve selected a Bach cello concerto by Yo Yo Ma (hey there Andy and Charlotte, I like visiting you guys in my memory), a Sigur Rós tune (does anyone know the names of the ones they like?), a Who tune that takes me to my front porch years, headphones on and music loud, a The Rescue tune so that I can recall Jeff Beck and my time as a scriptwriter with Brian (I feel shredded …) and perhaps a Yaz tune to help me do MY celebration of the year of the Dragon (they breathe fire). All sorts of something else, mixed in with amazing gems. Yeah – that’s apt for my physical space as well. Hmmm… epiphany? Or just observation?

Hey – have you seem my pup? Blue dog is amazing and we love her so very very much…

well, SHE’s comfy, that’s all that matters.

Well, thanks for listening to me chit chat – let me know how you’re doing, as January heads to it’s closing time (weeee new pics on my calendars!) and here in the unfrozen south we’re really not sure what season it may or may not be, or what to wear. Such is our varied and wondrous lives.