On a foggy day, a grey day, we drive … into the fog.

On a foggy day, a grey day, we drive … into the fog.

It’s like driving into a different realm. Where will be when we make it through? How long will the fog last? How long until we forget what the sun looks like? Better take a pic, just to be safe.

Ah blogging. The pressure to make it interesting, the joy of accidently putting together a few words that really do rock.

We’re media nomads, Boo & I. No cable, no dish – just the pure unadulterated rush of the stream! We’re watching the first few episodes of Torchwood – kinda fascinating really. Sadly, it sinks away at the end of the month.

Viv & Rachel had a wonderful reception over the weekend – a big ol’ log cabin that’s part of the Durham city parks department – in the woods off the busy road, a porch that looks out over Lake Mitchie. They had a good time, their friends had a good time, and I certainly enjoyed the event. Want to head back during the daylight/springtime – think the place will be lovely to wander around.

Then we had an outing with Carrie and Nate ’cause Oscar was in from LA to catch a Glass opera in Raleigh, so we took him to The Pit in downtown – odd place to take the vegetarian, but hopefully he enjoyed. Seemed to be having a great time, so yay!

So many things to chit and chat about – hey, finally watched Superbad – wow, what a great movie. Just heard today that I’m going to be a great uncle this year – always thought I was a decent uncle. Caught up with Morgan and Beth and Izzy tonight – Izzy’s getting chubby little cheeks, looking around the room with her eyes, the occasional in-advertant smile that makes Morgan quite happy – moving right along towards 2 months in a week or so!

So many things that aren’t really that important, not when you compare them to the big things. Say a friend feeling low over the loss of a beloved pet. We have had the incredible luck of having friends who made a world of difference for Boo and I when Canela passed. If I had a wish, I’d wish for R&C to feel the same exact overwhelming flood of love and care and support and understanding and ‘okay’ness … but we will do what we can and hope that in time their hearts are not aching as much. We’ll miss you Logans.

So… I hope you’re doing well with your loved ones close, your dreams in focus and being made real.

Here’s blue!